Mitochondrial research has experienced a renaissance period over the last 15 years. The Mitochondrial Meetings organized in Albany, NY, and Padua, Italy, since 1993 have significantly contributed to this renaissance, and this Workshop is meant to continue that tradition by covering both classical themes of mitochondrial bioenergetics and emerging issues of mitochondrial dynamics and signalling. The programme includes speaker and poster sessions on:

  • measuring mitochondria
  • biogenesis and protein import
  • metabolism and ROS
  • uncoupling proteins
  • Ca2+ and mitochondria
  • mitochondria in excitable tissues
  • mitochondria and apoptosis
  • mitochondrial morphology and movement (three sessions)

A key aspect of the Workshop will be the poster sessions, which we expect to be lively, interactive and at the very heart of the meeting given the small size, the selection of the participants, and the presence of experienced Chairs who will moderate the poster briefings. Attendance will be limited to 110 (including 30 speakers), a perfect size to stimulate active participation, especially of younger scientists. Eighty attendees will be selected by the Scientific Committee based on their CV and the submitted abstract.

Scientific Committee

  • Paolo Bernardi · ITALY
  • Michael Duchen · UNITED KINGDOM
  • Gyorgy Hajnoczky · USA
  • Xavier Leverve · FRANCE
  • Tullio Pozzan · ITALY
  • Peter Rehling · GERMANY
  • Eduardo Rial · SPAIN
  • Rosario Rizzuto · ITALY
  • Luca Scorrano · ITALY
  • Orian Shirihai · USA

Organizing secretariat

For additional information, contact Azuleon Meetings Contact Azuleon Meetings


The workshop will be held in the University Residential Centre of Bertinoro - Bertinoro, near Forlì-Cesena, Italy. Information about this beautiful medieval fortress recently converted to a modern conference venue is available through the Centre's website.

Attendees will be hosted on a Bed & Breakfast formula in single or double rooms at the venue's facilities, from 25-29 November.

Detailed instructions on how to reach Bertinoro and the Workshop venue are available here.



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